Rare Exports #1



It is with pleasure that 126 announce our member Moi Tran as the selected artist for the Quadraro Residency. This is the first residency of our Rare Exports project, an opportunity to showcase the work of one of our members internationally, and help them to develop a wider network of contacts.

Moi will undertake a residency in this unique area of Rome during the moth of May, developing work in relation to the local area with the support of our partners AmistadeLab and their extensive network and knowledge of the area.

The team were impressed with her application, her considered practice and what she hopes to achieve through the residency.

During this unique residency, Moi will undertake site visits, and studio time to develop new works and we’re excited to see what she produces during this time.Schemata 1

ABOUT the Artist, Moi Tran:

Anchored in the use of textile as the catalyst for response. Moi Tran employs the process of ‘making’ to explore the effect of repetition on spatial claiming through painting, sculpture, installation, drawing and performance.

She utilises the tactile immediacy of textile to explore states of fluctuating architectural placement and spatial composition. Her geometric demarcations, tactile assemblage and soft temporal structures describe the phenomenology of temporal space and volume through a series of circumscribed repetitive ‘making’ processes.

In the use of Textiles, she examines the relationship between object and maker, beyond function she uses the roots of making to consider issues on contemporary displacement.

Find out more at http://www.moitran.com/

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About the Residency:

This one month residency takes place in the Quadraro area of Rome. The residency has been developed in partnership with AmistadeLab Art and Culture, a cultural organisation that produces exhibitions and events internationally and is based in Rome.

Using their local knowledge and network of contacts, they will bring our resident artist into contact with curators, archaeologists, makers and producers in the local area as well as arranging site visits.

In order to maintain accessibility for emerging artists to this opportunity, 126 is covering the costs of accommodation, travel and a studio as well as providing a stipend to the resident artist.

This residency is part of a year- long international project, Rare Exports, which explores the relationship between locality and practice, foregrounding the emerging art practice of 126 members on an international stage through residency exchanges, and bringing exciting new European works to our space in the form of group shows.


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