Affordable Art Fair- An Art Sale with a difference

Announcing the Affordable Art Fair- 126’s annual Fundraiser.


An art Fair with a difference!

126 is holding a unique event to raise money to support the gallery’s core costs making our artists and audiences a little richer too!

In return for a nominal hanging fee, artists will be able to sell their affordably priced pieces at 126 in this unique festival sale.

126 will fill its whole gallery with works for this unique Art Sale. The submission process is completely open, and artists can choose to keep ALL the profits from the sales of their work, or donate a SMALL commission to support the work of 126. Artists will also be able to sell their work through the 126 website for the following month via the Gallery’s webshop.

This a chance for artists to make some money, to introduce new people to buying art at affordable prices, and of course a way of raising the funds needed to support the work of 126 through to next year.

Art Hanging Fees

1 x Small Work (up to A4 Size if 2 Dimensional) 5 Euros

1 x Large Work (Up to A1 Size) 8 Euro

3 x Small Works (Up to A4 Size) 10 Euro

3 x Large Works (Up to A1 Size) 15 Euro

Artwork should fit into one of these price categories: €20, €50, or €100.

When submitting works please label all pieces with Artist Name, Title, Medium, and clearly state which price category of the work. Artists can pay hanging fess online via paypal, in person if dropping work off to 126 or by enclosing a cheque made payable to ‘G126’.

Submissions should be sent to:

126 Affordable Art Fair, 126 Artist-Run Gallery, 15 St. Bridget’s Place, The Hidden Valley, Galway City.

All submissions must include a completed submissions form available to download and print here: Submissions Form AAF