Exciting Announcement 126 Arts Council Funding

Practice Makes Practice

Exciting Announcement 126 Arts Council Funding

126 is thrilled to have been awarded the Arts Council Project Award for two ambitious projects in 2017! Both projects focus on interrogating arts practice while creating quality opportunities for member artists and gallery audiences to engage with works and their artists closely. This Arts Council funding will allow 126 to continue programming ambitious exhibitions, exciting events and quality residencies for its members and audiences. There’s a number of ways you can get involved!

On the Line

The first ‘On The Line’ will examine the practice of drawing in the digital age through two exhibitions of new work by emerging artists: Sebastian Mügge and Laura Kelly. Through a series of short film commissions 126 will involve a number of artists in a public game of exquisite corpse. These creative projects will be supplemented by public talks and workshops. Commissions will be awarded through an Open Call process. Details coming soon.

The first of these will be a large scale piece by Swedish/German artist Sebastian Mügge in January 2017. This work invites contributions of images from gallery audiences. To get involved, click here


The second will extend our focus on providing artists with quality residency opportunities. Through a residency exchange with the US and by taking our members show to the States, 126  will showcase the diversity of work produced by our member artists in an international context. By hosting a US artist at the 126 Studios we will bring new forms of practice to the city.

Our US residency will be awarded through an open call process, details coming soon. As always the open call for our members show will be announced to members very soon.

You’ve got to be in it, to win it! To renew your membership, become part of the 126 community [and be able to apply for some of the opportunities listed above] or to support the work that we do, simply click here

Further to these two projects 126 will also host exhibitions of new work by exciting emerging artists as well as working with our festival partners GIAF and TULCA festival of visual art.