Primary Resource #5 | Open Call Deadline


The deadline for applying to There is No Alternative,  the fifth instalment of the Primary Resource project, is approaching!
The deadline for submissions is Friday 26 June 2015 at 5pm.

Please send your submission(s) via email with the subject title “There is No Alternative” to or by post (with return SAE) to There is No Alternative, Ormston House Gallery, 9-10 Patrick Street, Limerick City. There are no guidelines for submission. You can send us as much or as little information as you like and in any format you choose.

During the exhibition, we will host an event at 126 Gallery inviting members of both organisations to reflect together on the purpose and value of both membership schemes, taking an earnest approach to questions described by Davies, Dillemuth & Jakobsen as a bogus consultation process: What work can we do? How do we find alternative ways of thinking about production and labour? How can we act collectively?

In preparing submissions, we invite our members to read the following texts co-authored by Davies, Dillemuth & Jakobsen which are available online for free:

There is no alternative #1:
There is no alternative #2:


About Ormston House:

Ormston House is a cultural resource hub located in the heart of Limerick city. An Artist-led organisation who,  like 126, is run by unpaid volunteers who work to promote contemporary arts practice, and who’s activities aim to support their membership.

Information on Ormston House membership:
Information on 126 Gallery membership, click here.
Information on the FOOTFALL research: click here.

Please note: Applicants must be a member of at least one of the organisations