The Twelfth Night – Brendan Regan


We would like to invite you to the opening of The Twelfth Night, an installation by Brendan Regan, this Wednesday the 1st of April at 7pm in 126 Artist-Run Gallery. This fleeting exhibition will, like the ceremony it examines, last only for a single day. We hope you catch it while you can.

The Twelfth Night is an interactive installation piece composed of photographs, sculptural elements, found objects, text, and candles. The piece is based on an old Irish ritual held on the eve of the Epiphany that referenced death, superstition, faith, and folklore. While the literal conclusion of the ceremony predicted who would be the next to die in one’s family, this installation examines it from a metaphorical standpoint. In a sensitive play on the intersection between the personal and ritual, viewers will be invited to take an active role in the exhibit laying down their own thoughts/feelings as text which will be symbolically burned away. Through the motif of the burning candle, The Twelfth Night visually juxtaposes personal memory and loss along with the collective facticity of our own mortality.

About the artist: Brendan Regan is an artist and educator living in Phoenix, Arizona, in the United States. Originally from Kinvarra, County Galway, he has returned to Ireland to complete a site-specific body of work. With a clear focus on the sociological or topographical surroundings that inspire each of his works, the viewer should question his or her own participation with each of Brendan’s pieces and be struck with a new interpretation of a seemingly commonplace facet of life.


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