126 Annual Graduate Exhibition 2013

126 proudly present      

An exhibition of new work created by recent graduates from Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology and Limrick School of Art and Design
Artists involved | Eleanor Phillips, Matthew Sutton, Arlene Mc Padden, Emma Johnston & Laura Maloney    

08 – 20 December 2013
Preview | 07 December | 7pm                

Each year 126 Artist Run Gallery hold an exhibition to show the work of recent graduates of Art and Design in Ireland. This year, we are pleased to present new work by 5 recent graduates from GMIT and LSAD. In order to give the exhibition some common structure the artists were asked to loosely consider the theme of Picnolepsy, without moving too far from their own artistic interests. Picnolepsy is the epileptic state of consciousness produced by the speed at which we live our lives. The term was introduced by French cultural theorist Paul Virilio. “The argument I am supporting is that digital technologies generate (and protract) picnoleptic events. And that these phenmomena will result in an aesthetized state of absence, which might be characterized as a digital interruption in an analogic life” – Christiane Robbins writing about Virilio’s “The Aesthetics of Disappearance”.

Artist Information:
Eleanor Phillips
Eleanor’s current practice is based solely on drawing and bookmaking. This work is centered around reflections on external sources of strength, particularly looking into the idea of Gods. Within this she is thinking about weakness/strength; the weakness of mankind who leans on a God for strength/ the weakness of a nonexistent God who is credited for the strength of mankind. Her work is ever concerned with age-old human uncertainties, in turn looking at truth and belief, safety and knowledge, bravery and cowardice, and most recently; strength and weakness. Her practice is heavily involved with research, typically browsing through historical documents or records, and early medical photography or scientific illustration. The collection of information in this way provides an important  basis of factual knowledge, or actual historical occurrence, upon which she builds her own, more enigmatic, imaginings and intentions.
Eleanor is an artist from Cork. She studied Fine Art BA (1st class Hons) in Crawford College of Art and Design, (2012) specializing in Life Drawing, and then Fine Art BA (Hons) (1st class Hons) in CCAM Cluain Mhuireclass of 2013), specializing in Printmaking, and graduated with Printmaking Student of the year award. She has exhibited in Cork, Galway, Tipperary (Damer House Gallery), London (RK Burt Gallery) and also currently showing work in Dublin, in Talbot Street Gallery’s ‘Selection BOX’ (opening on the 06/12/13). 

Matthew Sutton 
Matthews work follows the constructivist tradition, that of ready-mades and found objects. It is also site specific through the use of found materials which provide a starting point for his work. Waste material from skips and building sites are the types of material he is attracted to as their original purpose was to build or help sustain living environments.
He uses a reduced vocabulary of lines, grids and minimal colour schemes to explore the full conceptual potential of the material. A limited palette helps to amplify the elements of abstraction, and helps keep interference with the material to a minimal so the materiality of the waste is still present. The work is a reflection on urban waste, an undeniable presence in contemporary life. Of most importance, is a sense of order and disorder colliding as the imperfections of this waste material in the exhibition context play off each other. Conformity and continuity, placement and displacement are all present in his work. “What is important to me is what this reveals and hides the tension between the two. The process produces work that charges the visual space with a dynamic intensity.”
Matthew graduated from GMIT with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art specialising in Painting. He has exhibited in the White Lady Art Gallery (Dublin) and the Talbot Gallery (Dublin).

Arlene Mc Padden
Information available at 126 gallery.

Emma Johnston
Emma is a Dublin based artist. She studied Sculpture and Combined Media in Limerick School of Art and Design, graduating with a first class honours in 2013. Since graduating she has exhibited her work in the Sarah Walker Gallery, Castletownbere and Lismore Castle Co. Waterford.  Some of her work has recently become a part of the Lismore Castle collection.  Currently Emma is doing a masters in Marketing in DIT.

“When making this work, I was interested in the way in which I browse the internet. Particularly how one thing can lead to another and by the end of the process it is almost unclear of what the initial objectives were. The three drawings are a map like documentation of this browsing experience. My work is influenced by 18th century satirical print. At the time, the technological developments in the printing industry played a significant role in promoting conversations and debate. More people than ever were engaging in the social and political issues, current affairs became apart of everyday life. In my work I am attempting to draw a parallel between the role of the print shop in the 18th century and the role of the internet in the 21st century.”

Laura Maloney
Laura is a recent graduate of the Limerick School of Art and Design, Limerick, Ireland, where she achieved a First Class Honours Degree in Fine Art with Printmaking and Contemporary Practice.
Her current practice, stemming from her Graduate Show work, concerns anti-depressants and the pursuit of Happiness. She find the casual use of anti-depressants in society today somewhat unsettling, and explores this through a combination of Print and Film. She is currently based between Ennis, Co. Clare, and Limerick city.