Monthly Archives: June 2015

Primary Resource #5 | Open Call Deadline

The deadline for applying to There is No Alternative,  the fifth instalment of the Primary Resource project, is approaching! The deadline for submissions is Friday 26 June 2015 at 5pm. Please send your submission(s) via email with the subject title “There is No Alternative” to or by post (with return SAE) to There is No Alternative, […]

ARTfarm Residency 2015

126 Artist-Run Gallery is excited to announce the start of the ARTFarm Residency 2015.There was great interest in the ARTFarm residency this year and a number of exciting applications (selection by the board was a lengthy process!) and we’d like to thank all the artists who expressed an interest. We’re working hard on creating more […]

A Degree of Darkness | Sofie Loscher

…light and darkness, brightness and obscurity, or if a more general expression is preferred, light and its absence, are necessary to the production of colour… Colour itself is a degree of darkness. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe This work explores light in its most basic form. The polarised film blocks half of the light’s movement […]